About Margarete


Right where the legendary “Mokka Express” had operated, Margerete is making her new home. An island of sanity in a stormy urban sea. A short break from the hustle and bustle of the streets of Berlin, for a moment worth treasuring.


Margarete brings her “joie de vivre” in everything she does - food, wine, and atmosphere - from early in the morning until late in the evening. After all, she is a true Berliner.

So sit back and enjoy a quick breakfast on your way to work or a comforting lunch from Margarete's kitchen. Get lost in a book, sip a cup of coffee and meet new people by coincidence. Would you rather to end the day with a glass of wine (or two, we won’t judge)?

Margarete recommends turning off your mobile phone. She's Old School with a touch of new school and always prefers a vivid conversation and real stories over twits and social media posts. And boy oh boy, the stories she has to share! Don‎’t hesitate to Ask for her, she loves to greet her guests herself, and to tell them all about the original woodwork, dated back to 1910. A beautiful backdrop for any special reception, launch events, friendly gathering or art exhibitions at the top gallery.